Sunday, April 7, 2013

Venus Fly Trap Kid Game/Craft

Ok, my 6 year old loves venus fly traps and aside from him drawing them on every piece of paper he can get his hands on, I wanted to create something that he can make and we can possibly make a game out of it too. Here is a craft that him and I did together and then played together later.


matte board
red and green acrylic paint
paint brush
black and green card stock paper
Optional-Aleenes glue tack it over and over
glue (I used stick glue and super glue)
laquer or some kind of spray to apply over finished product to protect it from chips

 I cut a large circle (as big as I wanted the trap to be) out of the matte board.
I then painted one side of the circle green and let dry
then painted the other side red
use left over matte board to glue on a handle for the child's hand to fit into on the top of the fly trap-paint it green
let everything dry-
while everything is drying, using the green card stock-cut out large triangles (as large as you want the "teeth" for the flytrap)
when everything is dry-spray protective coating on both sides
then use the glue mixture (glue stick and small amount of super glue) and glue the green triangles on the  edges on the red side of the circle and make sure the top and bottom teeth interlock when the mouth is closed.
get your black cardstock and the aleenes tack it over and over glue (optional) and rip off a piece of the black paper and crumble to your liking and I spread a little of the tack it glue on so that it sticks in the fly traps mouth (this is your fly)
I also used a sharpie and put little black dots in the mouth for the trigger hairs.

Then you are done and ready to play the game! toss your fly to your child while they are holding the flytrap trying to catch it! it is so much fun!



We also found some other fly trap crafts on the internet that I will share tomorrow.

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