Sunday, July 26, 2015

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Papercraft

Plants vs Zombies Papercraft (Gargantuar)

Hello all! I wanted to share a paper craft that I made with my oldest son for his 11th birthday last weekend. He is so sweet, he said that all he wanted for his birthday was a paper craft of his favorite character from PVZ Garden Warfare, Gargantuar. 

He and I searched and searched and found a fantastic designer that designs paper crafts of all kinds. Visit his deviantart site HERE. His name is Jeff and his Deviantart name is Jepi12. Not only are his designs the best I have seen but he is absolutely wonderful to work with. He responds to messages quickly and really helped to make my son's birthday the best it could be. You have got to check out his designs. He has a design for everyone! Here is the design of Gargantuar that we did and then I will show you our finished project. My boys and I made the paper craft together.

Here is a picture of the Gargantuar. Click on the picture and it will take you to Jeff's site. 

My goal was to create a tutorial of this paper craft but I didn't think about it until I was half way done. We will be making another one of Jeff's design soon and I will make a tutorial of that one. We are making Plants vs Zombies characters and the next one is the "yeti". So stay tuned! 

I hope you enjoy the picture of our finished project below! The project was 33 pages printed out. The final project is bigger than I expected and my son loved it even more.

The pea shooter and zombie next to Gargantuar were other characters we made from another designer. However, since they were PVZ they had to include them. You can't see the IMP on the back of Gargantuar's back but he is there! I hope you enjoy!!!

Thank you,

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Badge Holder Reel Design

Below, you will see the badge reels. I mostly use black and white. I also make ones without the bottle cap. I just wanted to share a few designs that I made below. I do take requests and will attempt to make any design  upon request. My plan plan is to make a tutorial on how I make these so that you can make them yourself if you chose. 

So look for the tutorial soon. I am making new designs and will do a tutorial soon. I make the designs with photoshop and then print them out. 

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