Saturday, April 20, 2013

My miniature craft room paint label

Well, I have been working hard at making some craft supplies for my miniature craft room. Photoshop is a lovely thing! Ok, I am working on making paint bottles out of clay and I needed some half way realistic labels for the paint. I didn't find any labels on the internet and I didn't find any printables either. So I have tried to make my own. I know they aren't perfect and please don't use for profit. you can use these for your personal use only. I hope that you like them. Here is one of them. I have others but will post them later.

If you do use them, please post or send me pictures of your work. I would love to see what you have done with them.

here is my Americana brand....

You can adjust the size of the label to whatever size you need. Make sure to change size before you print it. I hope you like my paint label. I printed it on the thinnest paper I could find and sprayed it with a varnish or protectant and then cut it out. I will post pictures of my finished can later. Enjoy. Please send me pictures of yours. :)


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