Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Miniature dollhouse fishtank

Hello again,

I want to share with you a fantastic find that I came across the other day. I found this miniature fish tank at Dollar General. I couldn't believe it! It has the fish that get bigger in water. I don't have a picture of how I renovated it but I took out the weeds and the fish and placed sand in it and it doesn't leak because it was made to hold water.

The lid is glued on and just the hole at the top comes open but I was able to get the lid off without breaking it and I painted the lid black and it is perfect in my house. It would look perfect with some resin and clay fish in there with a light fixture attached to the lid. It is a must bye. It was only $1. I do hope that you will find one and it make your day like it did mine! :)

Here is a picture of one that I haven't yet taken out the fish or weeds or the little balls.......

let me know what you think! I think it is perfect!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finished miniature dollhouse paint bottles

Ok, so I finally got to take some pictures of the miniature paint bottles that I am making for my craft room and the pictures came out a bit blurry. I'm so in need of a light setup so that I can take good pictures of my minis so they don't come out blurry. I have macro on my camera but I think it is the lighting. Does anyone have any ideas or an easy way to make a light box setup?

Here are the pictures of the paint bottle. I am making more colors but I thought I would include this one for now.

 I used another paint label that I made and if you like that one (has ceramcoat on it) I can get it for you. Just let me know.

The glue bottle I made out of clay and I am currently making a label for it and will post it soon. I just included it for picture reasons.

Let me know what you think.....

Miniature paint bottle


I thought I would let you know that later tonight, I will be posting some pictures of a paint bottle I made to go along with my craft room in my dollhouse. I think it looks great and I used one of the labels I made. One thing to keep in mind, print the label out on thin paper because thicker paper looks too bulky on the small bottle.

I also made some crayons as well and I need to make labels/wrappers to go over the crayons.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Miniature Notebook and Pencil

Ok, here are the pictures of the pencils and notebook I made that are similar to the coloring book covers I made. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, please ask.



   Cassie Wilbanks at

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Miniature Fairy coloring book and colored pencils

Hello again,

I wanted to share with you a couple of things I made to go along with my craft room for my dollhouse.

I designed the cover and back cover of the book and edited the fairy pictures I found on the internet. I found them on coloring page websites.

The colored pencils I made from hand too and I hope you like them.

If anyone would like the cover template, let me know because I would be glad to share.

The name of the coloring book is my logo (of course)- "Fairy Dreams & Mini Things-by Cassie Wilbanks".

I do hope that if you are finding my blog useful then please take the time to sign up and follow me.

Also, please use the info for personal use only. I also don't claim to make things perfect and I know everything has its flaws but I do this for pleasure and if it starts getting to the point of nitpicking then it wouldn't be fun anymore.

I do hope you will continue to find my blog of some use and please if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know. :)

Thank you for taking the time to browse.

Cassie Wilbanks

Here is pictures of my fairy coloring book and pencils.

Doll Eye Tutorial-Glass Like


I am trying to develop my own website and I was going to put this tutorial on my new website but I figured I would just get it out there and go from there. I have researched all of the eye tutorials on the web and they are all wonderful and I have tailored it to what works best for me.

This is a WIP/tutorial. This is my VERY first tutorial, so I hope I do things right. I understand this may not work for everyone. If you have any ideas or advice, please let me know. I will try to include where I get certain products (incase you would like to know). Here are most of the supplies I use:

I have rub-on decal paper with adhesive
white cernit clay
Aleene's tack it, over and over glue
heat gun
note card
baby powder
whole punch cutters
lisa pavelka's "magic-gloss"
lisa pavelka's fluorescent light (can use any type or brand as long as it is a 9 watt UV light)
eye sizers that I got from website these are awesome!!!! I recommend them to anyone that is serious in making their own eyes. I am not affiliated with Pat Moulton in anyway, I just love these sizers.. they come in all different sizes.

I print off eyes onto the rub-off transfer paper.          I then get the eye sizers and clay.

Next, apply a thin layer of Aleenes tack it glue to your index card. Allow it to dry and once it is dry, roll you clay out on index card in small amounts. Then, Dip the size that you want your eye to be (the size includes the pupil and white of the eye, I use 4 and 6 mostly) into the powder so the clay doesn't stick and shake off the excess powder and then you can use it on the clay for your eyes. Clay will stick to card just enough so you can work with it and it not move around on you.  see picture below on how to do that.....

Here is what they should look like in the picture below.....

Next take you whole punch ( use the size that is closest to the pupil size I want so I make a perfect cut) once it is cut it should peel off from the back like a sticker)

Then, the rub on decal paper should come with a separate paper that is the adhesive. If you see in the picture below, I cut a square out of one of the adhesive paper and use a whole punch one size bigger than my pupil size (I cut pupil out with size 4mm and then cut the adhesive out with size 5 mm) and peel off the back/white part and place the pupil I cut out (placing it with side with ink up) onto the adhesive and rub it to make sure it sticks really well and there aren't any holes. See below, I am holding it with my tweezers. I hope you can see it ok. Please comment me or message me if you need me to explain. Like I said, this is my first tutorial. :)

I then peel off the pupil from the adhesive paper. see below....

Then place it the pupil onto the clay eyes and press into the clay slightly making it dip in a bit. I sometimes use a small dab onto the middle of clay and then place pupil on there. Next, use your heat gun CAREFULLY until clay is hardened. Be careful with this part. Also, do this in a well ventilated area. 

Then, (making sure air bubbles are out) apply a small amount of Lisa Pavelka's, Magic gloss onto the eye (making it look like a lens. to check if it has a nice lens on it, view it from the side). make sure all air bubble are out. Then place under the UV light.

See the picture to the left, they have pretty good lens on them and now it is time to put them under UV light. 

I usually leave them under the light for about 15 minutes.I then leave them alone for a couple of hours because I find that if I don't it leaves fingerprints. If anyone knows a better way or how to avoid the prints better, please let me know. 

Once they are ready, I apply another coat around the what part of the eye so that the whole thing will be glossy. it seems when I use the magic gloss for this part, the white part doesn't hold the gloss well and it just runs off. So I have been using "Inkssentials, Glossy accents dimensional embellishment" on the eye and once it dries, my eyes look glossy all around.  I just started doing that and I don't have a picture of them yet but they have been coming out really nice looking. I will take some pictures and post them later.

That is it! I really like using the rub-on decal paper because it is thin enough. I usually paint them or use transparency paper but it was thick (it still works though) I just like the rub on better. This is just a way that I do them and I thought I would share with people. I am still new to sculpting and posting and such, so bare with me. I enjoy this craft so much and I know that when I started or am not sure how to make something, I am so please and thrilled when I find generous people that put tutorials on the web for people because I have needed them and appreciated them so much. Please feel free to give me suggestions. I am going to include at the bottom of my page links to some of the supplies that I use in this tutorial in case you were needing them or wanting to know where to get them. Some day I will get my website going once I get used to all this and figure out how to do it. 

Also, please follow my blog and post pictures of your eyes if you like my tutorial or if you have other ways you do them too. :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My miniature craft room paint label

Well, I have been working hard at making some craft supplies for my miniature craft room. Photoshop is a lovely thing! Ok, I am working on making paint bottles out of clay and I needed some half way realistic labels for the paint. I didn't find any labels on the internet and I didn't find any printables either. So I have tried to make my own. I know they aren't perfect and please don't use for profit. you can use these for your personal use only. I hope that you like them. Here is one of them. I have others but will post them later.

If you do use them, please post or send me pictures of your work. I would love to see what you have done with them.

here is my Americana brand....

You can adjust the size of the label to whatever size you need. Make sure to change size before you print it. I hope you like my paint label. I printed it on the thinnest paper I could find and sprayed it with a varnish or protectant and then cut it out. I will post pictures of my finished can later. Enjoy. Please send me pictures of yours. :)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Venus Fly Trap Kid Game/Craft

Ok, my 6 year old loves venus fly traps and aside from him drawing them on every piece of paper he can get his hands on, I wanted to create something that he can make and we can possibly make a game out of it too. Here is a craft that him and I did together and then played together later.


matte board
red and green acrylic paint
paint brush
black and green card stock paper
Optional-Aleenes glue tack it over and over
glue (I used stick glue and super glue)
laquer or some kind of spray to apply over finished product to protect it from chips

 I cut a large circle (as big as I wanted the trap to be) out of the matte board.
I then painted one side of the circle green and let dry
then painted the other side red
use left over matte board to glue on a handle for the child's hand to fit into on the top of the fly trap-paint it green
let everything dry-
while everything is drying, using the green card stock-cut out large triangles (as large as you want the "teeth" for the flytrap)
when everything is dry-spray protective coating on both sides
then use the glue mixture (glue stick and small amount of super glue) and glue the green triangles on the  edges on the red side of the circle and make sure the top and bottom teeth interlock when the mouth is closed.
get your black cardstock and the aleenes tack it over and over glue (optional) and rip off a piece of the black paper and crumble to your liking and I spread a little of the tack it glue on so that it sticks in the fly traps mouth (this is your fly)
I also used a sharpie and put little black dots in the mouth for the trigger hairs.

Then you are done and ready to play the game! toss your fly to your child while they are holding the flytrap trying to catch it! it is so much fun!



We also found some other fly trap crafts on the internet that I will share tomorrow.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Miniature printables-colored pencil box

Ok, So I'm going to try and start making my own printies for my miniatures. It is going to be difficult because I have to scan everything and then edit it but it will pay off in the end. I want to share with you one that I have already scanned in and I am going to actually use it in my craft room. It is a colored pencil box. I hope you enjoy this. Comment or message me if you want to know the dimensions for accurate scale measurement. Once I start getting more printies, I will create a page/link at the top of my blog and put them all in the one spot.

Please use for personal use only. No selling of my things, please. I work hard on editing them.