Sunday, March 31, 2013

Letter from the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter everyone!!!

The Easter bunny not only left footprints but he also left them a letter too! It was also a hit! I found the letter on You can use the one they made or pay $5.00 to download it and to be able to edit it however you like. I wanted to share this with you! My 8 year old had so much fun reading it! They enjoyed the part about the Easter bunny almost falling into the chocolate and him telling them not to fight!

Easter Bunny footprints


So after searching the internet and Pinterest I have found some clever Easter ideas. I am so into creating that magical world for my children because it is such a wonderful time to believe!

I found several ways to make Easter bunny footprints on the
carpet in the house. (just don't leave the evidence around so they can see it!) I left out the mixture of powder and glitter in a bowl but they just thought it was the Easter bunny's magic powder dust that he uses to sprinkle on our door to make it disappear so he can come in.

 Here is evidence that the Easter bunny has indeed been to our house today! This was a hit with our children! They thought this Easter was the best Easter ever.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Miniature dollhouse side table tutorial!

Here is an excellent and easy way to make a miniature side table for your dollhouses. It is made our of two match boxes stacked on top of each other. The website is in a different language but the pictures are very good and you can figure it out without knowing what it says. I wanted to share with everyone this wonderful tutorial from Please visit her site for more tutorials. I just thought I would share her wonderful tutorial on this and her flower pot to go on top. Great idea to use matchboxes.

Glow-in-the dark easter eggs!


The coolest thing next to sticky notes!

So I am still doing some searching and found a very easy and unique way of making easter different with eggs. Take the glow in the dark bracelets or necklaces and place them in plastic eggs and then turn the lights off and wa-la!!! They are so fun to search for in the dark. It is easy and cheap and there isn't a mess at all. I found this from She is so smart to have thought this up. She is into creating several things with glow-in-the dark things. Here is a picture of the eggs.

Are these not the coolest thing next to sticky notes??
Please join my blog and comment on anything you would like me to find or do tutorials on. I hope you will follow my blog. Thank you. :) Cassie

Different way to make easter eggs!

Hello all! Sorry I have been away for a while.  I'm back. I have been searching around the internet to find other unique ways for easter eggs. I found this website called and she has a whole tutorial on how to make these paper mache eggs filled with candy! You basically take a water balloon and blow it up to egg size and with fabric starch, paint tissue paper over the balloon and let dry. Then poke hole in the paper and balloon and pull out balloon then fill with candy and cover. It is ADORABLE! Here is a picture of the finished egg. It takes a couple days to do this for proper drying time but it is worth it.

If you need the whole tutorial, please visit this genius that created them-. Thank you.