Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Venus Fly Trap papercraft

Hello all,

It has been a little bit since I posted but I have finally finished with school for the summer and have some time on my hands to hopefully get some tutorials out and share them with you.

I do want to share with you my son's venus fly trap origami paper craft that I did. I know the word "origami" may scare some of you! Trust me, it scared me because I have never done origami before. However, my son loves venus fly traps and we love to do paper crafts and so we were desperate because the internet doesn't have much as far as venus fly trap goes. I saw instructions on how to make this origami flytrap on youtube and the guy that shows you how to make this is absolutely incredible!

I do want to recommend to everyone out there that it is a MUST that you buy real origami paper and it be 10x10 or bigger. I tried to use regular paper and card stock but neither of them work. Spending a little money on origami paper is so much better and doesn't waste your time making something and it ripping when you are almost finished. I bought my origami paper at www.misterart.com and it is the cheapest website I have found. Click on one of the banners on my page and it will take you right to their web page and then search for origami paper. The package I bought was 'Yasutomo, Fold' Ems origami paper' There were 100 sheets that had 5 different colors for roughly $8.

What I did was take one of the red pieces of origami paper and colored the white side green because we wanted a green venus flytrap with red inside like some  of the fly traps. I have included the youtube video from the guy, Jeremy, that teaches you step-by-step on how to make the fly trap. I have never seen a video as good as this guy on how he teaches you how to make origami things! He is so good at it and he is slow enough for beginners as well as repeating it and really does well with teaching. Of course you can tell I am a beginner but I wanted to share our experience.

Venus Fly Trap


Origami paper (bought mine at misterart.com)
markers (to color the other side a color of your choice if you want too)
computer (watch the youtube video of Jeremy making the fly trap)

Here is  a finished product of the one I made my son.

Here is the video by Jeremy Shafer explaining step-by-step instructions on how to make this awesome paper craft! Enjoy

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