Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Homemade-DIY Halloween costume for my boys

Well, for Halloween, My younger son, Spencer, wanted to be popeye the sailor man and so we decided to make his costume and my older son, Preston, wanted this Barbarian, from Castle Crasher video game, as a costume. He wanted to be him and stores do not sell these costumes anywhere and I knew I had to make my own and I had a big challenge ahead of me. So, I got my crazy brain working and made these costumes with the help from my husband. Let me tell you that fabric glue is my best friend! I'm not great at sewing and I would love to learn to do better but in the mean time, glue is my right hand man.......well except my husband! :)

Enjoy, if you would like a mini tutorial on how to make any of these costumes, please let me know. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them! :)

DIY-Popeye's costume

This is the closest picture I could find to show you one of the many outfits Popeye wears that is close to the one we made. Popeye does wear one similar to the one we made (even more similar to this one in picture) but I couldn't find one for you.

Popeye's shirt: was made using a blue shirt underneath the white shirt. Then we bought a cheap white collared shirt from walmart, and blank bandanas from walmart and blue ribbon to match the under shirt. The blue tie is a blue sock we bought because it matched and worked perfectly. I didn't have a lot of time to sew and so I used fabric glue and glued all of that together.

Popeye's arms: We used the small little panty hoses (but not the ones that went all the way up) they were the ones in the small little plastic capsules that went up maybe knee high and that is it. They we used polyester filler to make the forearms big and used black puff paint to draw popeye's anchor tattoos.

The sailor's hat: finding a sailor's hat on short notice, is impossible! We made these outfits the day of Halloween. We used a white fisherman's hat and turned it up and glued it to make it look like a sailor's hat.

Popeye's pipe: I made this using two different sizes of round dowel rods. I don't have a better picture of it and I wish I did. I took a bigger side and used my wood carving kit and dug a small area on top and this drilled a hole on the side for the longer, smaller size rod and stuck it in there and glued it. My son LOVED it!

Popeye's pants and shoes: You can't see it very well, but we bought cheap pants and had black shoes at home.

All in all, this costume cost us about $25 but it could be less if you have some of the items mentioned. Plus, my son was the talk of the neighborhood because he looked so good. The forearms were a hit.

DIY-Castle Crasher's costume

I found this picture on Deviantart.com

Barbarian's helmet:  The brown part of the helmet is made using a big thick piece of chipboard and painted it brown and let it dry.

Then Once it was dry, I rolled it up and made it to were it stayed half way rolled so that it would be easy to roll up and staple and stay that way because it was really hard to get it to stay stapled without "pre" rolling it.  That was the hardest part. 

The top of the helmet was craft foam painted with the same brown acrylic paint. I cut it into a circle with little triangles on the ends and glued it to the chipboard.

The little horns sticking out of the helmet was something we got lucky with. My co-worker found it on the side of the road because someone was going to throw it out.........TRASH TO TREASURE....my friends! It was a fuzzy little hat and this worked out PERFECT! It sat perfectly on the top of his head. We were worried about how we were going to get it to sit on his head and......it was meant-to-be!

The yellowish mask thingy in front is craft foam painted with a yellow/orche to mach the helmet and the real picture of the character and then holes cut out and lines drawn with black paint. The holes are what he could see through and breathe through.

Barbarian's outfit: This is felt that we got at walmart and cut it to fit him and glued it on with fabric glue. His gray shirt was part of his long johns. The Barbarian has gray under the brown suit. 

The satchel  is cardboard painted with the same yellow/orche I pained the mask with. 

The shield is cardboard painted

Weapon: The axe weapon is made with a yard stick, foam board, and brown feathers at the bottom. 

Any questions, just ask!

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