Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Miniature 'Post-it' notes printies

One more thing that I wanted to share with everyone is a miniature post-it note printie. I have made several different colors of post-it notes but thought I would share the pink color one. If you would like the other colors then let me know. I would gladly share. I have made this down to the correct miniature size 1:12 scale.

Again, if you use anything from my site, all that I ask is that you credit it back to me and let me know and please use for personal use only! 

I would also love to see pictures of the things you used of mine. If you continue to use my things and find yourself coming back to my blog, I would really love it if you would follow me (either by email, gmail, or any other way.) It is nice to know that someone enjoys what I enjoy. :) 

If you need to re-size it to 12th scale dollhouse miniature size it is 0.28"x0.28". That is the correct size you need for that scale of dollhouse miniatures. I hope you enjoy it and always remember!

Keep making miniatures!


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