Saturday, November 23, 2013

Minecraft Ghast Halloween Costume

My son loves Minecraft and I am into making their costumes. This year my oldest son didn't really know what he wanted to be and so he changed his costume several times. He ended up wanting the be a Minecraft Enderman but we didn't get finished with it in time and so he put together a little mixture and still looked fantastic!

My youngest son loves Minecraft and so we are making Minecraft everything! This Halloween he wanted to be a Ghast and so the journey began.

To make this costume, I used things I had around the house and so this costume cost us nothing!


Large size box (size is based on child) needs to be equal on all sides  (not rectangle, but more of a square/cubed).

White, black, red, and grey acrylic paint

White spray paint

a couple different size paint brushes

whatever you want to use for the Ghast's tentacles (I used exam table paper rolls)

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