Friday, November 29, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Has Arrived

Hello all!
     Yesterday was Thanksgiving and The boys have learned what Thanksgiving is all about and why we celebrate it! We sat around the table and said what we are Thankful for and my youngest son, looks over at me and says, "I'm thankful for you mommy and my family." My heart just melted! He said he loved Thanksgiving. It really made my day!

     The boys had a visitor that made their day yesterday. Sparkles Magical, is his name and the kiddos get so excited when he is around. They spent all day yesterday guarding him so that he didn't get touched and would lose his magic. My husband and I enjoy figuring out what to do next with him. Preston woke up extra early to see where he is today. This magical tradition brings joy to our family. The kids get a long better, the magic of christmas is much more "magical". When I was a child, I believed in the magic of christmas so much that I still want to believe and so I am able to give that to my children and I can see the joy in their eyes that I once felt as a child myself!

Stay tuned to see all of the wonderful ideas and mischief that Sparkles will get into. We try not to go overboard because then they expect it and it is overwhelming for my husband and I to come up with more and more elaborate ideas. So we stick to cute and small and the boys love it just fine!

So here is how Sparkles arrived at our house for the second year and the boys loved it!
Our elf, Sparkles, arrived with a note from santa, a notepad around his neck that is a "checkoff" notepad that he gives to santa every night reporting how the boys have been.

this is the notepad that Sparkles had around his neck. You can put anything on there you want. 

Here is our note from Santa:

I got this blank santa letter here

The website is

The boys were so excited, they gave him some chocolate and we made him a book bag to carry things to and from the North Pole. Spencer put a crown in there for him to check off on his list.

So stay tuned for what happened and where Sparkles is today. Let me just say, he had chocolate on his face and brought magic elf seeds for the kiddos to plant. :)

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