Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Winner! For The Digital Scrapbooking Software!


The contest is over and I have chosen a winner. I was really bummed too see a poor turn out as far as people signing up and participating in the contest. I just have to work harder at getting my blog out there.

Thank you for participating!

The winner for the 'mymemories' suite4 is....


Cara, I just need your contact information. Email me once you read this so that I can send you the promo code to get the free software. I have emailed Liz from www.mymemories.com to alert her to send me the code and once I get it, I will send it to you right away!

Thank you so much for participating!

Stay tuned because I will be doing more giveaways and sharing more freebies of all different types of art and crafts. I will be hosting another giveaway for the software too, hopefully!

Don't forget that if you want to purchase the software, you can use my code and get a $10 discount. Which is a great deal because the software is already cheap!

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