Friday, July 5, 2013

Get MyMemories suite digital scrapbooking software at a discount


I am an affiliate with the digital scrapbooking company, and they are one of the best digital scrapbooking websites I have come in contact with. They seem to have a huge amount of free kits and other stuff free. They also have a dollar menu with great stuff.

They are currently offering some great deals on their site in honor of Independence Day! One of the deals they are offering is, you get a free photo book with purchase of their digital scrapbooking software (which is fantastic!), called, my memories suite. Plus, you get a big discount on the software itself just by coming to my site and using this special code that I can give you. 

The code to get the discount of $10 off of the software is STMMMS69915

Just copy highlight the code, right click, then click copy. Then, click on the 'mymemories' banner on my page below that says, "use my code and get $10 off of the software" and follow the instructions from there. 

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 A few ways are:

by clicking 'sign up' and follow the instructions

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by clicking 'follow me' and follow the instructions

You can also sign up via google if you are a google user.

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