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This page is dedicated to some of my favorite links. I hope to get this growing because I have so many great web pages to share.

Blogger Backgrounds, etc.

This blog has really cute backgrounds, great headers, awesome tutorials, and much more!

A beautiful collection of "shabby chic" background images (also find free buttons, banners and other website decorations).

Dani is a digital designer too and I believe she used to design blog backgrounds and accessories for people. However, she has decided to stop and spend more time with her family. But, she has decided to leave the website up for people to come and use her free blog accessories and use her tutorials on how to make your own blog accessories (which is what I am into)! She is an extremely talented designer and a wonderful teacher!

This website offers so many different types of tutorials as well as buying a ton of supplies online there. She sells so many different types of craft supplies (mohair,scrapbook supplies, ink, paper, jewelry findings, fabric, etc.) I could go on forever on what she sells. She also offers a wide range of online classes too. Check it out.

This website is a artisan/crafters dream! I can get most of the things I need here when it comes to making my dolls. They don't sell fabric or mohair but pretty much everything else. They also have tutorials on various things and I think they are going to be offering classes soon. They also have excellent customer service and cheap prices. It is almost near a one-stop-shop! :)

Need I say more! There are so many things you can get here. I haven't found one thing I was looking for that wasn't on Amazon. Also, if you buy something that is coming from Amazon-the shipping is absolutely amazing. I receive my items faster than anywhere I have been.

This online craft store is another one that sells just about any type of craft or art supplies one could need and they are pretty good on their prices too.

This website is fantastic. They offer extremely low prices (probably the lowest anywhere on certain products). Plus, if you join their membership for a cheap price yearly, you get EVEN BIGGER discounts on EVERYTHING. I haven't found any other website that sells the products I have been looking for cheaper than MisterArt. This website reminds me of a smaller version of dickblick.com. If I can't find it on MisterArt then I go to dickblick but if Misterart sells it then it is cheaper than anywhere (especially if you are a member). They also have fast shipping.

Paper crafts & printables, scrapbooking crafts, art crafts at Canon.com
Canon offers a ton of free printables on a variety of things. It is free too. It is called creative park. A must see!

Miniature printies-www.printmini.com
This website has an overwhelmingly variety of miniature dollhouse prints for free that anyone can print for personal use only. They also have a dollhouse scale calculator that is a MUST when creating your own miniatures and wanting to make sure they are in scale. I use it all the time. 

Website Promotion Allthewebsites Directory offers website promotion for webmasters and web site owners. Relevant categories such as Arts, Career, Automotive, Government, Internet etc., for promoting your website.


This website has tutorials on just about anything you want to create! Basically, it is almost limited to your imagination! Awesome site!

OOAK art doll tutorials and anything else pertaining to clay and sculpting a doll from head to toe with clothing and all.

Joggle's tutorials
paper crafts, ink tutorials, card making tutorials, etc.

Blog Designs by Dani
tutorials on how to design your own blog background, template, header, and much more of blog related stuff.

Totally Tutorials

Dollhouse Miniatures/Fairies & Fantasy

This website is great! It has a bunch of great tutorials on how to make ooak dolls, wings, costumes, etc.! 

This is a forum and community of ooak doll makers and collectors. You have a chance to meet people and it has great links as well as a ton of tutorials!

This site is a blog that has a ton of WIP on ooak dolls and has links to fantastic tutorials from all over the internet. The owner of this blog also has a fantastic ooak doll supplies that she sells on ebay. I can't live without it!

This site has great tutorials as well as advice on starting your own website, starting your own ooak doll business, etc. This site is a must see!

Photo editing/Digital Scrapbooking

Hummies World

This website is absolutely fantastic! Hummie is the ladies name that owns the website. She is a fantastic designer in digital scrapbooking. She has a fantastic store on her website that has her kits for sale along with several other designer's kits. They are so reasonable in price too. She is one talented lady! This is the best group when it comes to having a support group to go to for inspiration and help. It is a little mini digi family! Here is the best part about this website, she is dedicated at teaching aspiring and beginners that want to learn digital scrapbooking. She not only teaches you step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson on how to digital scrapbook with photoshop elements but she also teaches you how to create those realistic elements and supplies so that you can become your very own designer!!! I highly recommend this website!

A fantastic website that sells digital scrapbooking kits, etc. by many many different talented designers. They also sell a fantastic digital scrapbooking software called "Mymemories Suite4" They have a great affiliate program for energetic bloggers! Plus, they have a great selection of freebies and a $1 section too. They also have various kinds of tutorials on digital scrapbooking.

This site is a great for your basic and beyond photo editing. It is easy to use and has a ton of options for editing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements
This is for advanced people who are able to use all of the bells and whistles. It is super easy to use though for people who are just starting out. They have several different ones from beyond basic editing to professional (Hollywood style) editing! I love it. They do offer a 30 day free trial and it doesn't ask for your credit card. It just stops after the 30 day period. Pretty neat!

This site is a free version of adobe photoshop elements. It has just about the same amount of things as photoshop. It is free and easy to use. 

More to come......I have so many to share but I am running out of time.......

to be continued.....

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