Saturday, June 7, 2014

Product Review: Plants Vs Zombies Mini-Figure Toy Set


This is my first product review and I am doing this to hopefully share and inform others about certain products. The product I'm reviewing is a toy min-figure set that I bought for my 9 year old son because he finished all his chores and saved up his money. Both of my boys absolutely LOVE Plants vs. Zombies game (especially the new one, Garden Warfare). Here is a picture of the product I ordered. The name of the product is:

                                      Plants vs Zombies Mini-Figure Set (6 Figures)


                                                  I ordered it from

Maker: Popcap (which is the creator of the game itself)
Made in: China
Cost: $19.77
Shipping: This product qualified for Prime membership - so, shipping was FREE!!
Durability: The scuba diver zombie and brown coat zombie are very flimsy and can easily be broken. Neither one of them stand up on their own either. The scuba diver has one flipper off and so he is uneven. The Yeti zombie and plants appear to be more durable.
Realism/quality of characters compared to the game: The characters look like the game and I think they did a fantastic job with that. However, the paint does seem to chip off easy on some of them.

I do wish that they made more of the common characters or at least had more of them in the box. This is the only one I have found with these characters.

Overall, This product has satisfied my boys and they love Plants vs Zombies game and love the characters, I just hate they they are afraid to touch them in fear of breaking them.

I still would recommend them to a Plants vs Zombies lover because of the realism. I wouldn't buy them for a child under 7 unless they don't chew on toys because they will break, chip paint, and can't handle a lot of playtime.

Hope you enjoy them! :)

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