Sunday, December 22, 2013

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Here is a layout I did with my boys and our Elf on the shelf arrival, Sparkles Magical. The background is the actual letter to them from Santa. I hope you enjoy it.

Sparkles wrote the boys a letter telling them that he gets into things because he either gets bored or if they aren't listening to mom and dad it makes him naughty at times and then Santa isn't happy. That really made them settle down. At least…….for now….lol

Here is Sparkles relaxing on the boys entertainment center.

Here he has a maker along with some goodies for the boys. The marker is evidence for the picture below.

Here Sparkles put toilet paper all over our tree and then wrote "Preston and Spencer did this!" uh oh!

Here, Sparkles is holding a Minecraft paper craft hostage along with chapstick in his back pack and our Castle Crasher men are prepared to fight!. The boys know he was just playing.

Sparkles had fun drawing funny faces on our family pictures! When we woke up we saw him trying to hide the evidence behind a picture! naughty naughty!

He had too much fun!
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