Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back To School Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Hello again!

I finally managed to get my second layout completed. I want to share it with you. I have to say that digital scrapbooking is so much fun!! I wish I had more time to do it.

Well, my youngest (Spencer) has now started Kindergarten and has really liked it so far. For some reason though, these last two days he has really had a hard time during school. He raises his hand to tell the teacher he misses home and wants to call us and then starts crying. When I hear him tell me this, it literally breaks my heart!!! It is so hard to hear him tell me this. My immediate reaction is to Stop, drop, and "en-roll" him into home school! ;) However, I know this is good for him. I wish I could home school both boys. I can only dream for now. Maybe some day I can for sometime. Preston is the one that hasn't liked school much but hasn't really been bothered by school so far yet. This year he is going to learn cursive.

Spencer did explain to me his future plans. He is 6 years old mind you! He was trying to warn me so that I am aware. LOL!!! He says, with a serious look on his face and in a serious voice, "now mom, I just want you to know that I am going to be older and will have my own kids and I won't be able to stay and live at this house anymore with you, but don't worry mom because I will come and visit". Then he gives me a big hug. He repeated this a couple more times throughout the evening and I think it was to worn me and try to spare my feelings. :) I have to say, I was speechless!

I just thought I would share my fun stories about my baby boys! They make me smile constantly. I just truly hope that he gets better about school.

I will be sharing my first day of school pictures of the crazy boys as soon as I get them completed. This layout I am sharing with you today is of my friend/coworker's daughter and her first day of school. I happened to see this picture on facebook of her daughter and she has done so much for me, I decided to repay the gestures.

I have all of the designers names for the kits I used with this layout. I used a mixture and I keep track. So I did not make the majority of these elements and papers for this layout. I am not claiming them as my own. They were created by fantastic designers. I can give you the specifics if you would like. However, here is the list of the designers that were used on it.

1. Mystica Designs-kit name "Back to School"
2.Magical Scraps Galore-kit name "It's School Time"
3. Bella Gypsy Designs-Kit name "School Files"

If I have forgotten anyone, I am so sorry. These are the ones I used the most. I hope you enjoy the layout!

I also have this and several other things I have done on my flickr too if you are interested. :)

I did this one with the pictures at the bottom because I knew my friend would like it better.

I made this one with the little girl's picture in the center of the flower because I figured she would like to have her picture in a flower and she did! She was so happy!

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog and read! See you again soon!

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